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Voodoo Spark Azul 2024

Voodoo Spark Azul 2024

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The VOODOO Spark is a field hockey stick specifically tailored to young players who are in the early stages of their hockey journey. Its focus on skill development, coupled with the junior profile stick shape, makes it an excellent choice for young athletes seeking to master the fundamental skills of the game while continuing their progress and growth in field hockey.

The VOODOO Spark is the ideal field hockey stick for young players who are in the process of learning and mastering the fundamental skills of the game. Designed to assist young players in learning the right hockey skills. It focuses on helping them master fundamental techniques such as hitting, trapping, and ball control. This emphasis on skill development can be crucial in building a strong foundation for their future progress in the sport.

The Spark is made with fibreglass, which is a common material used in field hockey sticks. Fibreglass offers a good combination of flexibility and durability, making it suitable for young players who are still refining their technique and require a forgiving stick.

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