Voodoo 2018 Precision

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Naming this stick was simple task. From tip-to-toe, this Voodoo weapon delivers pure PRECISION to your game. Fixed with the fundamental core Voodoo technologies that keep you one step ahead of the competition, the PRECISION is a weapon featuring a dual-wall construction that gives superior feel, power and precision! Prepare yourself for a lateral and torsional stiffness that generates power you rarely find in a mid-upper range stick. With a light balance point increasing your control and reaction time, you can depend on the PRECISION to deliver the performance and accuracy you need.

NEW!!! We've imported this beauty in our exclusive new DRAG FLICKING SHAPE, the L2BC, or Extra Low Bow (24mm @ 200mm) with its unique Concave shaft face to ensure you're slinging shots into the top corners! 

Available in shapes:

  • L2BC - Extra Low Bow, Concave (24mm @ 200mm) : New shape, best for drag flicking!

Available in lengths: 36.5, 37.5

POWER RATING: 80 (Superior)

Range Features: Soft Touch, twin channel construction. Nano ResinTech