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Voodoo Nemesis TT VXL 2024

Voodoo Nemesis TT VXL 2024

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The VOODOO Nemesis is a highly promising field hockey stick, offering players a blend of playfulness, responsiveness, and control.

The Nemesis is designed with the VOODOO responsiveness trademark, which indicates that the stick is known for its exceptional responsiveness and feel when handling the ball. This feature allows players to have better control and touch, enhancing their ability to execute skills and maneuvers with precision.

The VOODOO Nemesis is a high-quality field hockey stick that offers a playful and responsive experience. Its lightweight design, coupled with a perfect balance of power and soft touch, makes it a great choice for players who seek enhanced control over their game. For those looking to improve their ball control and execute skills at dangerous speeds, the Nemesis is an excellent stick to consider adding to your weaponry.
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