Osaka 2017 - PRO TOUR - BRONZE - LOW BOW

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This top of the range stick, forces us every season to go beyond our limits in creation,
quality, style and performance. This year we added reinforcements in specific target
areas with completely new backhand blade technology. We've added Kevlar to parts of the stick that need more reinforcement & that make all the difference when you hit the ball.
The Pro Tour comes in Low or Pro Bow & you'll get the absolute maximum power & feel more than any stick can give you.
Whether you go for bronze, silver or gold, your place on the grandstand is assured. Absolutely made for winners. Absolut Osaka.


  • 100% Carbon Content
  • 36,5 / 37,5
  • Low Bow : 200mm / 24mm
  • Superlight / Light category
  • Pro Touch Grip - Pearl White
  • Authenticity Osaka hologram

If you don't know the facts by heart please check out the Osaka Stick Guide and the video preview on YouTube.