Gryphon Taboo Junior 2019

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Boasting that super smooth touch and extreme power this range is that perfect mix of international standard power and polished skills with that tiny bit of give when trapping and hitting to give you the ultimate control. The feel on the ball is soft and pure, allowing you that real natural feel that Gryphon is known for. It really offers so much to the player to allow them to be the best they can be, so you can see why it’s a go-to for so many high-class players!

Pro specs:

  • Immaculate Control
  • Smooth Feedback


  •  34.5" & 35.5"


  • J-PRO

A well-constructed stick that offers a low curve and short head shape to give you immaculate precision around the ball and dynamic skills without compromising your basics. The unique layup helps your ball handling and allows silky skills by creating a stick that has that perfect amount of give to create a pure feel. Able to get under the ball easily with the low curve helps execute those 3D skills and drag-flick and overhead with precision.