Buyers Stick Guide

Buying a stick is always a tough decision, having to choose a brand, and then assess all the variables such length, shaft shape, stiffness, feel...and so the list goes on! 

To help alleviate some of the pain, check out these pointers:

  • Stiffness - physics101...the stiffer a stick, the less flexion & therefore the more POWER!
  • Feel - opposite to stifness...the stiffer the stick the less flexion or 'give', so therefore less FEEL & CONTROL.
  • Price - the stiffer the stick, the more specialised composite materials are required (aramid, carbon, kevlar, etc)...this means $$$.
  • Shaft shape - while the total bow of the shaft is constrained by the rules to 25mm, the position of the curve determines how the stick plays.
    • Standard - generally the apex sits close to the middle of the stick and perfect for juniors and players that are new to the game
    • Low Bow - specifically designed for penalty corner specialists with maximum curvature near the crook of the stick designed to assist with acceleration of the ball. Wow this physics is interesting stuff!
  • Length - the longer the stick, the more difficult it is to control the ball. 
    • Juniors - the rule of thumb is to measure the stick length against your leg, up to your hip bone. All of the Junior sticks are specially weighted to assist with the best development of your fundamental hitting slapping and passing skills.
    • 36.5" - typically used by most Europeans, probably because of the importance of control 
    • 37.5" - typically used by most South Africans...our theory is that we spend more time defending than attacking and so think that the extra inch helps with reach and body position. Your choice...don't say we didn't warn you! 

Ultimately we can all play with ANY stick regardless of size, shape and just takes a little bit of time to get used to it. So our final advice is to choose the stick that you feel most comfortable with, so you can get out there and dominate like you know you should!