Osaka 2017 - 5 SERIES - SKYLINE - LOW BOW

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  • R 3,299.00

This new high end stick is added to the range to help you find whatever it is you are
looking for. We love Osaka and we love street life. This city print sticks represent the
skyline of Osaka, a big bubbling Japanese city that never sleeps. With 90% carbon this
sticks for sure is as slick as it looks. You will get some extra power and still keep the exact feeling you need to be limitless. Play the game, change the game!


  • 90% Carbon Content
  • 36,5 / 37,5
  • Low Bow : 200mm / 24mm
  • Superlight category
  • Pro Touch Grip - Pearl White
  • Authenticity Osaka hologram

If you don't know the facts by heart please check out the Osaka Stick Guide and the video preview on YouTube.