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The X79 TT is our signature stick and Jamie's personal choice. It uses our unique layup and Taper Toe for extreme ball control.

The X79 TT is the top of the JDH range. The unique power to weight ratio which increases hitting, slapping, pushing and aerial power is what make this stick so special.


Because it is super light weight and has a high balance point you will have faster swing speed when hitting and slapping the ball, this will also add speed to your push passes and make it much easier to throw aerials. The Taper Toe makes it easy to dribble the ball and use your skills in tight situations.


The X79 range has a new lay up which allows a great feel to the stick when dribbling and trapping the ball whilst maintaining signature JDH power.

Available in shapes: Standard, Low Bow, Extra Low Bow, & Concave Bow
Available in lengths:
36.5", 37.5"



Standard Bow

Curve | 22mm | Bow Point | 300mm |

With a shallow bow, this stick is great for the traditional player, excellent for skills and a large sweet spot for hitting power.

Low Bow

Curve | 24mm | Bow Point | 250mm |

Jamie's preferred bow, this bow has the advantage of a larger and lower curve position, aiding in 3D skills.


Extra Low Bow

Curve | 24mm | Bow Point | 200mm |

This is the lowest bow on the market, great for 3D skills and flicking, used by Australian international, Georgie Morgan.



Curve | 24 mm | Bow Point | 200mm |

A variation of the Extra Low Bow, this stick is designed with a concave face for ball speed and accuracy when flicking, making it the ultimate dragflick weapon.