Gryphon Tour 2019

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Now with KRAIBON technology!

The constant evolution of the G19 Tour range has seen the creation of an unbeatable stick featuring the Kraibon technology to offer the ultimate power
and feel for a remarkably balanced stick. 

Each of the five unique shapes offers a specific purpose to let you choose the weapon that best suits your style of game based on the head shape, curve
peak and curve position of the shape.


  • Ultimate power
  • Highly Responsive feel
  • Now with KRAIBON technology!


  • 36.5" & 37.5"


    • The TOUR CC provides an even profile mid-curve and extended head shape. It delivers an unbeatable power and an instant touch on the ball. It allows you to master the basics well with an emphasis on trapping and hitting at the highest level.
  • PRO (P25):
    • Its low curve allows you to master the basics while assisting your
      reverse and dribbling skills. The compact head shape gives you
      immense control and flow when dribbling and eliminating as your
      flow around the ball is increased.
  • T-BONE:
    • A hybrid shape consisting of a low curve, extended head shape
      and thicker shaft, to benefit your trapping, passing and aerial skills.
      It allows high-quality basics without compromising high-end skills while also giving you extreme power.
    • The extra low curve allows you to create great deception when
      eliminating and maximise your flicking ability. A responsive feel
      on the ball and extreme power when hitting and slapping are key
      elements of this stick.
    • Designed with a replica curve peak and position to the Deuce
      II, it combines this with a control groove up the shaft of the stick to
      maximise your drag-flicking ability. A slightly thinner toe on the head
      of the stick helps create extra flow when executing 3D skills, while not
      compromising your power.