Osaka 2017 - 3 SERIES - PTO PINK - PRO BOW

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Premium design, high quality craftsmanship and pure unadulterated Osaka style. This stick embodies the brand, our standards and our vision. Clean lines, fluro pink details, extra solid Kevlar to get a boost and more power out of your backhand. 70% carbon and a 3K Carbon wrap finish, that combined, generate that unique Osaka feel on the pitch.

For the love of the game, this is your match.


  • 70% Carbon Content
  • 36,5 / 37,5
  • Pro bow : 250mm / 24mm
  • Superlight category
  • Pro Touch Grip - Pearl White
  • Authenticity Osaka hologram

      If you don't know the facts by heart please check out the Osaka Stick Guide and the video preview on YouTube.