Voodoo 2017 Paradox Unlimited V1 Standard Bow Hockey Stick

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The PARADOX UNLIMITED represents a new era for Voodoo's elite range. Compared to our world-class UNLIMITED GOLD, this stick has been tweaked for players who crave that extra bit of “feel”. This year's version keeps you in the game, with the perfect balance of power and touch. Featuring the same ultra premium lay-up as the UNLIMITED GOLD, and same state-of-the-art manufacturing process, this high performance Voodoo weapon is hardly a step down. It even incorporates the same wall construction providing superior lateral and torsional stiffness that generates serious amounts of hitting power when called into action. So go ahead..pick-up the PARADOX UNLIMITED ...it's unlikely you'll ever want to put it down.

Available in shapes: V1

Available in lengths: 36.5", 37.5"

POWER RATING: 100 (Lethal)

Paradox Range Features: Soft Touch, Custom Sleeve of Aramid for superior power and control. Supa Light, twin channel construction. Double Aramid Heel significantly reduces wear. Nano Resin Tech.

This shape could almost be called traditional now that it has been the benchmark of a central curve stick, it covers all the bases. With perfect balance and weight distribution to give you optimal power and control. It’s unique profile and rounded edges are great for power shots be it traditional, tomma’s or upright backies, and of course for the basic controlled passing and stick skills. Maximum curve is 23mm at 300mm.